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Waste Act: Draft Norms & Standards for Organic Waste Composting

South Africa is moving ever faster towards diverting maximum waste from landfill. The second draft Norms and Standards for Organic Waste Composting have just been published for public comment. The N&S are aimed at supporting the composters of non-hazardous organic waste. The N&S will govern the design, construction and operation of composting facilities in line with industry best practice, and obviate the need for composters to undertake a sometimes lengthy and expensive application for a Waste Licence. Click Here to download the document.

Contact me to discuss how these proposed N&S apply to your composting business proposal.

Environmental Management Act: Regulations to Phase-Out the Use of Persistent Organic Pollutants

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP’s) persist for long periods of time in the environment, accumulating over time and passing via the food chain from species to species. These POP’s negatively impact human and environmental health. Able to be transported by wind and water, these pollutants are a global problem.

South Africa is phasing out the use of these POP’s in line with their commitment to honour international agreements such as the 2001 Stockholm Convention. Click Here to download the document.

Contact me for information on how your business can ensure compliance with these phase-out regulations.

Air Quality Act: Draft Amendment to the Greenhouse Gas Reporting RegulationsYour Title Goes Here

A few minor amendments are being proposed to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting Regulations. One proposed addition to note, is a clarification that the threshold to trigger who needs to report emissions, applies against the total of the facilities and activities under the emitter’s operational control (or, across all of the activities which an emitter conducts). Click Here to download the document.

Contact me if you need to know whether your business activities are required to report GHG emissions.

Waste management exclusion regulations

If you or your industry is considering having your waste stream excluded from the definition of “waste”, please see the attached requirements under the Waste Exclusion Regulations. We can assist you with the required risk assessment and risk management plan. Click Here to download the document.

Air Quality Act amended MES

If you are not yet aware of the amendment to the Minimum Emissions Standards published under the Air Quality Act, please see the amendment attached. Wondering how this impacts your facility? Contact us for more information. Click Here to download the document.